Jigoku Juniors

As a world-renowned martial artist and bestselling author, Hanshi Marc Howes knows the importance of instilling discipline, respect, and fighting skills in young people. That’s why he’s proud to offer a children’s karate class that focuses on building strong, and confident fighters.

Focused on teaching practical fighting skills, this class is perfect for young people who want to learn how to protect themselves and others in real-world situations. With a curriculum designed by Hanshi Marc Howes himself, students will learn the most effective techniques from Kyokushin Budōkai karate. His karate club is the perfect place for young people to learn the art of karate in a safe and supportive environment. His experienced instructors are passionate about teaching the traditional techniques of this ancient martial art, while also incorporating modern techniques to keep the students engaged and motivated.

But it’s not just about fighting – his classes also emphasise the importance of discipline, respect, and hard work. Your child will learn to respect themselves and others, to follow rules and guidelines, and to push themselves to be the best they can be. Plus, they’ll develop the confidence and self-esteem needed to succeed both in and out of the dojo.

At his children’s karate class, students will learn:

  • Effective fighting techniques for real-world situations
  • Self-defence strategies for a variety of scenarios
  • Learning the Budo moral codes
  • Essential mental and emotional skills like discipline, focus, and respect
  • Physical fitness and coordination, with fun and challenging workouts
  • Self-confidence and empowerment, with opportunities to test their skills in a supportive environment

So why not give your child the gift of this unique martial arts training? Sign them up for Hanshi Marc Howes’ children’s karate class today and watch them become strong, confident fighters and disciplined, respectful individuals. Contact us now to schedule your child’s first class!

In the words of Hanshi Marc: Training at the Jigoku Dojo will basically teach your children two things. Firstly, how to fight, I believe that teaching your child self-defence is incredibly important. I’ll illustrate this with an analogy. I was asked by a mother for advice on her son who’d been bullied at school. The bullying was quite low-key, but his mother wanted a meeting with the school, the others who’d bullied the lad, and their parents. She told me it appeared to go well. The young men apologised and blamed school pressures on the bullying. All appeared well. However, outside of the school, and therefore not somewhere the school had priority, the young men struck again. But this time the bullying was more severe. The mother felt that the police had their hands tied, and there seemed little that could be done. I said, “It’s simple. Get someone to teach him to fight.” The mother seemed horrified at this. So I asked her, “Did you teach him to swim?” She nodded and said she had. I asked, “Why?” She rightly said, “To save him if he falls in the sea or a river.” I asked, “Why not teach him just to run away if he sees any large body of water?” At that point she understood.

The second aspect we teach is Budō. Budō consists of seven moral standards that are so important they are often called virtues. Below is their junior dojo oath:

“We pledge to learn and grow with respect and kindness,
To strive for courage, honesty, loyalty, honour, benevolence, and rectitude in all we do.
We will work hard, have fun in the dojo, and always be mindful of our actions.
We will be good listeners, and help each other to improve.
We will be proud of our achievements and grateful for the knowledge shared by our instructors.
This is our oath, as young practitioners of Budō.
This is our Way.”
Hanshi Marc Howes

About your instructor
Hanshi Marc has for over 30 years working with young people. While currently, he is working with gifted young people, much of his work has been with young people with social, emotional, and behavioural problems. He is CALM (Crisis Aggression Limitation and Management) trained, is a qualified first aider, holds a PVG (Protecting Vulnerable Groups), and is registered with the Scottish Social Services Council (registration number: 1156728).

Academically, Hanshi Marc has a MA (Hons.) and PGDipCE and in 1998 was the first to write an empirical sociological thesis on the UFC, entitled ‘The Civilising of the UFC’. This was published and is cited many times in other works and books. In 2021 his book ‘Budō – The Book of the Way’ rose into the top 10 in Amazon’s martial arts genre. In 2022 his book ‘Child Development – The Budō Way’ was published and it rose rapidly into the top 20. In 2023, his third book; a reference book, entitled, ‘Budō Virtues in World Religions – Exploring the Interconnection of Warrior Principles and World Faiths‘ was published to critical acclaim.

In 2019 he was indoctrinated into the Hall of Fame with the UK Martial Arts Instructors Award.