Sword and Shield Self-Defence

The phrase ‘Ego sum gladius et scutum’ means “I am the sword and shield.” In the self-defence programme I have devised, your body becomes both the sword (when you attack or retaliate) and the shield (using the different ranges of blocks for defence). It is a simple means of understanding how the system works! The system is based on effectiveness that doesn’t require weight or power to work!

Within one-to-one lessons, your personality dictates how you are taught. So it doesn’t matter how timid or shy or uncertain you are, you will be taught techniques that have been tried and tested. So, don’t wait or hesitate, if you are concerned about your personal safety or the safety of others, then contact me.

Women’s Self-Defence

Violence against women is a serious and widespread issue throughout the world.

Research from the Femicide Census (www.femicidecensus.org/) – an organisation that collects information on men’s violence against women – calculates that across the UK, 1,425 women were killed by men in the 10 years to 2018. That is about one killing every three days. More than 70% of women were killed in their own homes – twice the figure for men.

Within our self-defence classes, our long-term goal is education to stop violence against women and there are actionable strategies we can teach women, right now.

Prevention and Awareness

As teens and adults have become increasingly fixated on the front and their devices, often being unaware of what’s around them. You will work with an experienced instructor to develop strategies that work best for you against a variety of opponents, attacks, and situations. Above all, women’s self-defence teaches you awareness and prevention.

Take Control for Yourself and Other Women

Women’s self-defence is about taking safety into your own hands. Taking a self-defence class is your chance to take action in your own lives, to take control of your own present and future. The fact is, crimes against women happen and will continue to happen. Our women’s self-defence classes can help prevent you from becoming victims. Knowing how to defend yourself gives you a better chance of stopping attacks and perhaps even lessening attacks against women in the future.

It works!

The self-defence you will learn works, regardless of the size and power of the attacker. The system, which Marc Howes teaches worldwide, has been developed to be simple, but extremely effective. You don’t need to be strong or supple, or to hit pads repeatedly to develop a powerful punch (which in all honesty will never be as powerful as a male’s punch). However, within a short period of training, you will understand what vulnerable areas to strike and how.

Be Accountable

Women are constantly encouraged to be accountable for yourselves. You’re told to be accountable for your finances. You’re told to account for your stress and encouraged to be accountable for your health, weight, and diet, along with your workouts and fitness. It stands to reason that you should be accountable for our self-defence. Is it really so hard to add a self-defence class to your routine as you would add the latest yoga, Pilates or the latest workout fad? However, unlike a fad, this is something that will actually make a monumental, positive change to your life.

Being Feminine

There is a terrible misconception – unfortunately perpetuated by mass media – that self-defence is unfeminine and unattractive. However, nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, from all walks of life there are devotees of women’s self-defence. Women’s self-defence is incredibly feminine because it is empowering. Encouraging women to take self-defence is a beautiful, inspiring thing. So, ignore the dangerous misconceptions of mainstream media and enjoy learning self-defence.

So what are you waiting for?

Of course, there is a need for better education to end violence against women. Violence of all kinds is unacceptable. Unfortunately, though, education is long-term and may not be able to help you today, tomorrow or even next year. That is why women’s self-defence education is important. This is something that can happen now. Our women’s self-defence provides functional strategies, techniques and training methods to stop an attacker intent on hurting you. It gives you the security and confidence, right now, that you can protect yourself should the need arise. Unfortunately, no matter how well-intended, ideologies can’t do that. So until education catches up with reality, keep yourselves safe. Invest in women’s self-defence today.

If you feel you don’t have the confidence to take a class, then you could book a private class. This also applies to those that have tried a ‘one-off’ class and would like to develop their skills further.