IBK Kyokushin Budokai

Kyokushin Budokai is the All-Round Fighting section of the IBK. Predating MMA by many years, it was the brainchild of Kaicho Jon Bluming, who combined his knowledge of Judo and Kyokushin karate into a well-rounded fighting system. At the time it was revolutionary and even the most ardent traditional purist had to acknowledge its effectiveness.

The IBK Kyokushin Budokai Board consists of the below members handpicked by the late Kaicho Bluming himself:

Kaicho Chris Dolman 10th dan: Honorary IBK President of the Kyokushin Budokai All Round Fighting section and Examination Committee

Kaicho Jon Bluming (L) with Kaicho Chris Dolman

Christiaan “Chris” Dolman (born February 17, 1945) is a Dutch retired martial artist and professional wrestler. He won a silver medal at the European championship in judo and a gold at the world championship in Sambo, counting as the first non-Russian sambo world champion, and has over 40 national and 10 international championships. He is known for his career in Fighting Network Rings and for his role in training several Dutch mixed martial artists and kickboxers, among them Bas Rutten, Alistair and Valentijn Overeem, Gilbert Yvel, and Gegard Mousasi. He started training judo under Jon Bluming at the Tung-Yen dojo.

Kaicho Bluming with Kaicho Dolman 1965

Dolman’s first visit to Japan was in 1976, backing Willem Ruskaduring his match against Antonio Inoki in New Japan Pro Wrestling. He later competed in a different style of fighting in Universal Wrestling Federation against Kazuo Yamazaki, and after UWF’s demise, he was contacted by Akira Maeda for his Fighting Network Rings promotion. Dolman won the first Rings tournament in 1993 and led the Netherlands stable of fighters, which included Dick Vrij, Gilbert Yveland other names. His final match was in 1995, defeating Joop Kasteel. During his stint in Rings, he challenged the Gracie family several times, but according to him and Jon Bluming, they did not answer his letters. He currently teaches at the Chakuriki/Pancration Gym.

Kancho Eric Van Vaerenbergh 8th dan:
IBK President of the Kyokushin Budokai – All Round Fighting section and Examination Committee

Kancho Eric Van Vaerenbergh

As a child, Eric Van Vaerenbergh began his training in September 1980, when as a 10-year-old, he entered the then-famous “Zendokan dojo” in Knokke Heist. Since then he has accumulated an enviable martial arts record, the highlights are noted below:

Behring Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJI / BJJB) certificates: 17/04/2016: black belt / faixa preta 1 (Professor / Teacher)

Budokai Do Full Contact Karate (IBKF / BBKA) certificates: 01/17/2000: Nidan 2nd Dan black belt (Senpai / Teacher)

Combat Sambo (WKUFO) certificates: 09/24/2007: Nanadan 7th Dan red/white checkered belt (military assimilation)

Kickboxing (WKA / BKBMO / VKBO) certificates: 31/01/2010: Chief Referee 19/01/2016: Godan 5th Dan black belt (Sensei / Master)

Krav Maga Liven (KMLI / KMLB) certificates: 1/12/2018: Hachidan 8th Dan red/white checkered belt (Hanshi) 1/12/2018: KMLB Dai Shihan (Country representative)

Kyokushin Budokai All-Round Fighting (IBK / IBKB) certificates: 01/01/2012: Hachidan 8th Dan red/white checkered belt (Hanshi)

Kancho Eric demonstrating controlling a downed opponent

As well as his martial credentials, Kancho Eric Van Vaerenbergh was in the 2005 Guinness World Record Book for breaking techniques. He achieved the following results in different styles as a fighter from a total of 122 fights he won 82, drew 12, and lost 28.