Scottish Mixed Martial Arts Rookie Tournament

Hanshi Marc Howes and Sensei Piotr Widz conduct the rules meeting

Founded in 2010 as an antidote to the increasing professional competitions that seemed to focus more on making the promotors money than developing the sport and fighters.
In truth, the professional competitions had put a stranglehold on most of the Scottish amateur events. With this unfolding in front of their eyes, Hanshi Marc Howes and Stanislaw Święcicki decided on a brand-new format, a format that would have the novice fighter at its heart. While Hanshi Marc worked on the rule set, Stanislaw came up with the perfect name
Scottish Mixed Martial Arts Rookie Tournament (SMMART) and together designed the ethos of the event that still holds true today.

Aberdeen University All-Round Fighters test each other in the final

Since its conception, the tournament has grown from strength to strength to become one of the largest MMA events in Europe. At its last show, there were over 65 entrants! A truly massive event with enviable numbers. So what is its secret? The simple fact of putting the novice fighter’s safety first. If at any point it is felt that the fighter is in any kind of danger, then the referee will stop the fight. The medical professionals have the right to intervene at any point. The rounds are shorter than most other events and there are only two, unless it is a final, when there are three. Particular attention is given to those wishing to enter, with records of a fighter being scrutinised in an attempt to prevent ‘ringers’. So, a novice fighter can take part in a fight where at all points his or her well-being is the prime concern.

Novice fighters come from all over Scotland

But more, SMMART is also a learning event. New cornermen and coaches can try their hands while under the guidance of more seasoned men and women. The event itself allows Aberdeen students to develop skills in promotion, logistics, design work and event management.

SMMART – Investing in Scotland’s MMA future