Be Dangerous Again!

KBGD is an abbreviation for Kyokushin Budokai Goshin Do, a non-sport Japanese karate system. So what does that mean? KBGD has been designed from the bottom up as a martial art that has self-defence as its core. It is non-sport because it is a true fighting art and this means that techniques that are core to KBGD cannot be replicated safely in a competition format. Ask anyone who has been involved in a street fight and they will tell you, it’s vicious, unpredictable and sudden. KBGD gives the students the tools required to eliminate the threat; in whatever form, and remove themselves from conflict situation.

Contrary to other systems KBGD teaches the student how to defend themselves with techniques that form the core of the system. These techniques, which are the backbone of the style, are used throughout, from beginner to black belt.

While Hanshi Marc Howes developed the bulk of the system, his instructor Kaicho Jon Bluming was always on hand to offer advice or show a variation on techniques to enhance the system.

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