The Jigoku Dojo

The Jigoku Dojo was originally founded in 1988. However, the Jigoku Dojo was a concept, existing wherever Hanshi Marc established a training group. As with many martial artists, Hanshi Marc dreamed of having his own dojo, and not be reliant on using sports halls, or other premises. Finally, when Hanshi Marc and his wife moved into a large country house, he had the opportunity to turn a large garage into a small dojo. This was the original first Jigoku Dojo.

An original work by Elaine Donati
The front of the first Jigoku Dojo
Original pen and ink drawing by the artist Austin Cole

At first it was intended for small classes, but as people heard of the no nonsense karate system being taught, the dojo began to fill up. Even with staggering the classes, there was not enough room. So Hanshi Marc decided to invest in a second Jigoku Dojo. The first would be converted in a purpose-built Pressure Testing Dojo.

The second Jigoku Dojo soon began to take shape. Hanshi Marc was clear in his mind that he wanted this larger Dojo to have a Japanese style. He also wanted amenities on site and there is also an outside toilet and washing facility.
Detail of the wooden Buddha and KBGD sign.
Kaicho Jon Bluming R.I.P. watches over us.
The Chinese Victorian gong with a handcarved stand from 1880s.
Ruby, the Dojo dog enjoying a quiet moment in the Dojo.
Shinai and focus pads, with one of Hanshi Marc’s black belts, a gift from Marcel Vanderschaeghe (Team Jigoku Germany).
Side view.
From Marcel van den Berg, a beautiful bespoke wooden piece for the West wall of the Dojo.
Kyokushin Budokai Goshin Do kanji from Todd Reeves
The new Jigoku Dojo’s first international instructor Marcel Vanderschaeghe with his children and Hanshi Marc. Soke Marcel delivered a superb session in gi chokes. A huge thank you from all the attendants.