IBK Events

On this page, you will find worldwide and national events, competitions, seminars that are directly or indirectly sanctioned by the IBK.

14 – 15 May 2022
The actual date, due to Covid was 18-19 September 2021
Instructors: L-R Soke Marcel Vanderschaeghe, Shihan Tommy Odaiko, Hanshi Marc Howes, (cut-out) Shihan ToddReeves, Shihan Marcel van de Berg

Shihan Tommy Odaiko holding pads for Hanshi Marc Howes who is demonstrating shotei strikes
22/7/21 Welsh KUDO Representatives @ the Jigoku Dojo
IBK Representatives from Switzerland and Scotland
Hanshi Marc demonstrating wall work with Todd Reeves – Shin Atemi Japan
A small film of the event
With Olver Roszak Founder and Head Coach
The teaching begins! Osu!

One of the largest camps in Europe!

This image sums up the spirit of the camp!

Sensei Roli Muller, Sensei Eva-Rebecca Muller-Machler, Hanshi Marc, and Soke Marcel Vanderschaeghe
Osu! Awesome weekend! One of the best!
This will be a great seminar!

Marco Vegni proudly displaying his certification. With Shihan Bruno Combo and Kancho Eric.